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Vanlife as art project

One year ago I bought a blue dream, an old Volkswagen from 99 that I dug my hands into to convert into a mobile home. It was more difficult than I thought.. Surprise! haha But it has been great fun, and I have had the wonder of my brothers helping carpenter hands.. Since May 2020 it is my home. It was not meant as an art project, but I notice that it is. I keep living my life very much as I would do otherwise, meet friends and family, work with illustrations for books (handy format for a van home) and do my yoga and meditations in nature.

Why I´d like to announce it as an art project is because it seems to awake many questions and threaten some norms of the people I meet. "But don't you have a real home?" "You poor thing, you must be out of money?" and "Can you take care of your hygiene?" Honestly, would you ask anyone else that?

If I eat, sleep and keep myself clean enough, I´m probably alright. But I'm happy to discuss questions of that sort if people are openminded and willing to listen.

I´m hoping this experiment will turn into a future photo exhibit about what this life is really about. The gems and the less tempting secrets of vanlife. The thing about this experiment though, is that it might get prolonged for quite a while. It turns out I have made it into my life.. Which I presume will always be an experiment, as life is. And to not suffer winter too much, I'm now in Portugal. But I´ll see you in Sweden soonish.


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