About myself

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I love stories, especially the quirky and imaginative ones. When I illustrate and write children's books, I get to convey the feeling of that there´s no boundaries in this wonderful world of fairytales.
Through larger paintings on canvases and walls, I experience that I reach inside the skin and the language of the soul. When you see my art I hope that you feel that, with the most sensitive part of yourself. I´m very curious about what´s behind that logical realistic seeing. The magic, that I cannot touch but know is there. Like the magic of nature, our natural bond that has always been there, but that we forgot what it means to us. 

Since 2006 I work as a painting artist and illustrator, mostly in Malmö, but I travel a lot around the globe for art and life inspiration.
In Florence, at Lorenzo de Medici School of Art I studied fine art and enjoyed learning the traditional techniques of painting, drawing, print making and more. After that I found another palette, inspired by the interaction of humans and nature, shamanism, the questions of universe. 

I have exhibited at several galleries from near to far, Malmö, Copenhagen, Florence. A feather in the hat was Liljevalch's Spring Salon in Stockholm. 
Other happy moments have been illustrating almost 30 children's books, whereas three of them are written by me; Moas mörker, Moa möter skolan and Bäver-Lia. 
I also do portraits, personally designed paintings and murals, and I enjoy giving classes in drawing and painting, both private and at folkhögskolor and Folkuniversitetet.
Please contact me if you have ideas you´d like to realize.