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Roots are calling

Welcome to the opening of RÖTTERNA KALLAR (Roots are calling) at Staffanstorps Konsthall!

Opening: 15th of Dec at 18.00 - 20.00 with live music by Rico Persson Facebook-event:

I am greatly inspired by nature and the life flowing through its veins - its roots - connecting everything with Mother Earth. The roots are symbolic for our ancestors, what they have lived to make way for our lives today. The connection through the roots, we are all part of that story, we are all part of nature. Belonging is something that I think about a lot, but when it comes to the belonging of nature, it feels so clear and simple. We belong.

The artistic movie that I was so happy about and created for this specific exhibition has been banned because of its nude content. It is not a sexual movie but rather a celebration of life, so it will grow its own life and will therefore be showed at Stpln! Welcome to the 7 min movie and 1,5 hour extatic dancing The 19 th of January 19.00- 21.00 hrs STPLN in the harbour of Malmö Free entrance, maximum 100 people

Facebook event:


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