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Nudes not welcome in Staffanstorp

It has been an intense time since the day I spontaneously sent my soon-to-be-completed art video to Staffanstorp's art gallery. I have rarely received such quick and harsh criticism - we cannot show this, we are a municipal art gallery and we will not show this to children.

So I was chocked and sad that all my work with the art video was in vain, but also for the message that nature is not part of us? That IS the message of my art. We are all connected, through our roots, through the trees and everything that is alive. And in my belief - everything is alive, the rocks and the fire too. In other words - nothing that had to do with naked could be shown, including my powerful women in contact with the elements of earth, air, fire and water. They are important to me, women that are the opposite of some sexualised object who has been depicted only for the viewer. These women own their power, and from what I´ve heard they move both men and women who can feel the nature force moving through them. Children don´t mind seeing nude art, perhaps it can even be a helpful guidance to that there is nothing shameful with having a body, even feeling proud of it - however it looks. You can follow what´s been happening here: Sydsvenskan 30 nov: Kulturnytt Sveriges Radio 30 nov: Sydsvenskan 30 nov: Sydsvenskan 1 dec:


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