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Konstrundan:Layers of Life

Skånes artist´s are opening up their studios for you during easter: Welcome to Konstrundan! And you are warmly welcome to my exhibition "Layers of Life" in Trulstorp 138, a wonderfully charming farm located just outside of Staffanstorp. From Långfredagen to Annandagen you meet me there with my latest art works to provide you with arty thoughts, and homemade cakes and coffee from the house. 7- 10 th of April 12.00 - 17.00 every day Trulstorpsvägen 138 "Lager av liv" is the continuing story of the searching and discovering of my roots. Now I am climbing higher up the tree, enjoying its magnificent year-rings and listening to the stories and knowledge it has to share. A connection without words, something that reaches me on a deeper level, a true connection with nature - which is what we also are - nature. I feel that stronger for each living year, the expanding connection, the layers of learning, layers of forgiving and of how love is the most beautiful healing source I know. I am looking forward to share my art with you!

If you want to see more of Konstrundan visit VSKG´s exhibition in Katrinetorp where all the participating artists are presented: All beauty to you, Johanna Rehn


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