Merry Christmas!
I´ve just returned to Sweden and Malmö after traveling around South America for one year. That´s a lot of inspiration.. I´m very curios what I will dig into now.

If you are in search of an illustration, painting, mural, portrait...  Feel free to send me an e-mail to: rehnkonst@gmail.com. Any arty project is at least interesting to look into together, and then we see what creation that comes out of it..!

If you´re curious about childrens books you could take a look at the three books that I´ve written and illustrated - "Bäver-Lia", about Lia, a girl that crashes into a beaver home, and gets beaver teeth sown in, then starts living with the family.. Published by Opal förlag.
"Moas mörker" (Moas darkness) about being afraid of the dark, and "Moa möter skolan" (Moa starts school) about being scared of being without friends, published by Idus Förlag.
You can find them on the publishers pages, or at bookshops on internet.

Wishing you a beautiful christmas and see you next year!

Big hug,
Johanna Rehn