I´m so happy because I´ve had the possiblity to paint quite a lot of wallpaintings lately.
So while listening to Musikhjälpen I felt the inspiration to organize an auction so that anyone could join and win a customized wallpainting. The projected ended the 19th of December and gathered 5600 SEK to Musikhjälpen - this year in favour of kids that should have the right to got to school even though they are living in war. It feels so great to be able to help with something.

I now have two books out that I´ve both written and illustrated - Moas mörker (Moas darkness) and Moa möter skolan (Moa starts school). If you click "books" in the menu you can get a sneak peak!
Buy the books here: http://www.idusforlag.se/moas_morker

And the great news is that there is a third book coming! Opal just signed up for the book about Bäver-Lia, a girl that crashes into a beaver home, and gets beaver teeth sown in, then starts living with the family.. It will be released during 2017.

All the best,
// Johanna Rehn